Our Strategic Plan

Sustainability. An oft-heard buzzword nowadays. The dictionary says it’s a ‘method of harvesting or using a resource so that the resource is not depleted or permanently damaged.’ That definition is the cornerstone of the Foundation’s existence.

The Foundation was formed more than twenty years ago with a focus squarely on the future. And the key to that future was the Foundation’s primary goal of building a $1 million endowment. The funds in the endowment are then invested in a diverse portfolio so market conditions can’t wipe it out. Those investments, in turn, generate income in the form of dividends, capital gains, and the like. The Foundation uses only that income to fund mega grants, mini grants, and scholarships. So the endowment never shrinks, and has actually only continued to grow for more than two decades.

Mission. The Foundation’s mission is to encourage the Harvard community to support the quality education of its children by enriching and expanding learning opportunities. Through the income generated by the endowment, the Foundation supports programs that teach children the skills they will need to become the successful adults of the future. Medical, legal, business, educational, and engineering professionals of tomorrow need your help today so they can get there.

And more importantly, because the Foundation has set it up to be permanent, your help today will help not just today’s children, but tomorrow’s children as well. And their children and their children and so on.

Help us build a better future for all of us with your support today!

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