Targeted Gifting

Donations to the Foundation may be designated in two ways.

Endowment. The lion’s share of the Foundation’s assets are held in a permanent Endowment. Currently in excess of $1.3 million, the Endowment is responsibly invested to withstand market fluctuations while generating income for the General Fund. And only the income generated by the endowment—usually in the form of stock dividends—is invested in scholarships and grants. So the amount in the Endowment never goes down; it only continues to grow and to generate more income for educational opportunities.

Donations to the Endowment thus have both present and future impact: They are investments in a permanent fund that will provide learning opportunities today, tomorrow, and well into the future. Your great-grandchildren will enjoy the Endowment’s benefits!

General Fund. The General Fund, on the other hand, is concerned with the here and now. With balances set by the Foundation Board at its annual meeting, the General Fund is made up of donations plus profits generated from the Endowment. The amount in the General Fund thus varies from year to year.

Monies from the General Fund then finance educational grants. For example, donations fund new equipment for industrial arts, tickets for English students to see Shakespeare’s plays live, support for the small business incubator program, necessary tools for bi-lingual education, and scholarships to help local students pay college tuition. Donations to the General Fund thus have immediate impact.

Other Opportunities. Have an idea on how you wish to donate, but it doesn’t fit one of the two fund options? No problem, we'll work with you.

Tax Benefits of Donating. The Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, charitable public foundation, which means your donations are tax deductible. Our Tax ID number is 36-4125856.

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