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Cash Donations

Cash donations make excellent gifts to the foundation.

For the recipient, cash offers the flexibility for the HCEF to place your gift where it will do the most good.  Every year, the Foundation solicits grant requests from the teachers in District 50.  There are some years when Mini-Grants requests predominate and some years when Mega-Grants requests predominate and some years where placing donations right into the Endowment make the most sense.

For the giver, utilizing cash as a gift is just plain handy at times.  At various times throughout the year, cash becomes available and outlets for spending are more limited.  This may happen with an unexpected bonus at work, an unexpected inheritance, or even a winning lottery ticket.  For whatever reason, cash may just appear and for people who believe in donating back, for whatever cause they find compelling, giving a cash gift is just convenient.

The HCEF offers two ways to make a cash donation:

As a single cash gift; or

As a monthly, recurring contribution made through your bank or investment institution.

Black & Gold Ball Tickets

Please consider attending our annual Black & Gold Ball. By purchasing tickets you are investing in the future of our community.

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