About the Harvard Community Education Foundation

More than twenty years ago, a group of community, business, and academic leaders joined with concerned parents to form the Harvard Community Education Foundation. The Foundation’s purpose has remained unchanged from day one: To improve our community by increasing the quality of our childrens’ education.

To that end, the Foundation raises and disburses funds for educational programs not ordinarily available through tax-supported education. For example, equipment for learning labs, grants for business incubators to teach our children to become the business leaders of tomorrow, 3D printers for S.T.E.M. education, and scholarships for higher learning.

These are but a few examples of what we can do to improve all of our lives—along with the lives of our children and grandchildren—when we commit to a better tomorrow through improved education geared for tomorrow’s world!

The Endowment. The Foundation was formed with the goal of raising a $1 million endowment. We believed an endowment of that size would generate enough income every year to finance improved educational opportunities. And after twenty years of hard work and incredible generosity from throughout the Harvard community, the Foundation reached its goal.

And then some.

The endowment currently stands at $1.3 million and counting. But we can’t stop there. After all, prices aren’t going down, and we are helping more children than ever before.

That’s where you come in!

How You Can Help. You can help the Foundation make Harvard an even better place to raise a family by direct cash donations, bequests in your will or trust, or any other way you can think to increase the endowment.

Or you can take a date to our annual Black and Gold Ball. Enjoy an evening of dinner, dancing, and fundraising. All manner of items are auctioned off, and you can donate auction items or bid on them. Or you can just be there to show your support for our children, neighbors, businesses, and community.

Tax Deductible. The Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, charitable organization under the Federal tax code. So any donation you make is deductible under the tax law guidelines. Our Federal Tax Number is 36-4125856, and our Illinois Charitable Organization Number is 01-030928.

Learn How You Can Give

Find out how to contribute and donate to our great cause. To learn more, visit our Ways to Give page.

Black & Gold Ball Tickets

Please consider attending our annual Black & Gold Ball. By purchasing tickets you are investing in the future of our community.

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