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Other Planned Giving Opportunities

Other Planned Giving Opportunities
The field of Planned Giving offers many different opportunities.  There are even more sophisticated Giving Opportunities that allow for retained benefits for the Donor and/or their families.  We would be more than happy to work closely with your attorney, estate planner, financial planner, etc. to discuss options for giving charitable gifts.

Even though there are a myriad of advanced Planned Giving strategies, many of these are complex and to be quite honest, outside the scope of the HCEF.

As a charitable institution, it is our responsibility to be familiar with the ever-changing nature of charitable giving and the tax benefits allowed.  However, as a small, community-based institution, many of these opportunities may be beyond the scope of our present abilities.  We would be glad to discuss these with your personal financial advisor in more detail on a case by case basis.

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